Episode 42 – A spiritual exploration of Keen.com

As promised last episode, Megan and Steven take their listeners on a mystical journey through the Keen.com website.  Listen in to hear about advisors, their reviews, and the guidelines for becoming an advisor and creating a listing.  Steven even gives a mini tutorial on how to apply your makeup so you’re picture perfect for your advisor photo.

And when you’re done listening, be sure to check out Dalya’s page, and sign up for Keen.com to get your free 3 minutes to call her or another advisor of your choice!  No, we are not being sponsored by Keen, but we would welcome that opportunity!  (At least until Megan loses it.)

Episode 41 – Megan’s addiction to 80s clothing and psychic hotlines

These are two things I never thought Megan would have enjoyed. But I guess you never really know someone until you bring them onto Swag Tier. Case in point, these photos!