Episode 39 – The girlfriend showdown

Join Megan and Steven as they demonstrate their world-class mathematical abilities, build hype for MAGFest 2017, and finally get around to discussing Megan’s first Renaissance Festival experience. ¬†Other topics include:

  • donating (or not) to our alma mater;
  • Megan’s intense aversion to hipster headbands;
  • Megan and Steven’s “professional” opinions about Lolita;
  • why Megan will most likely be killed off after this episode airs.

Episode 31 – Kitty in the Demo Night

Steven went to Playcrafting‘s Demo & Play Night in NYC, where several local indie devs came to show off the progress of their upcoming games. We talk about the super adorable Kitty in the Box VR by Mokuni Games, and Zarvot by Snowhydra Games. (But mostly about aiming laser pointers at your face so a cat will fly at you for you to catch.)

Episode 22 – No segue

After detailing our hardware setup in the last episode, we swoon over Razer and Logitech with very positive customer service stories. But it wouldn’t be Swag Tier if we didn’t find a weird life story to tie in, so if you’re not interested in peripheral praise, listen in to learn about Megan’s first visit to a sex shop (accompanied by her father, on her birthday).

Episode 18 – The customer service episode

We take a trip down memory lane, recalling:

  • how Megan associates Indian food with Ridge Racer;
  • mountains of rice;
  • Rock Band memories;
  • phone-a-friend at Mad Catz;
  • Megan’s epic winter trek to pick up the last copy of Rock Band