Episode 33 – The passive aggressive art of cleaning up

In the latest episode of Swag Tier, Steven recaps his adventures at the 2016 Boston Festival of Indie Games, otherwise known as Boston FIG.  Tune in to hear about:

  • Steven’s top 5 Boston FIG games, Sad Hill Cemetery, Stage Fright, Insane Traffic, Ten Candles, and Clean Up Your Room!;
  • Megan’s mom’s terrible driving;
  • the origin of last episode’s big debate, “easy as pie;”
  • and Megan’s (crazy) neighbor’s passive aggressive attempts to get her to clean her messy house.

Other mentions:


Megan spends her days eating pizza ice cream and keeping her neighbors up all night with plenty of clang clang bang banging on her keyboard, desk, and chair. When she's not trying (and failing) to be a professional gamer/streamer/YouTuber, she can be found hanging out with her adorable West Highland Terrier, Frizbee, and her hot ginger witch girlfriend, Caitlin. Her other interests include, but are not limited to, anything Korean, poop jokes, and the Game Show Network.


  1. “Ugh.” -Megan, Swag Tier Podcast is my new favorite pull quote!!!

    Thank you guys so much for the mention of Ten Candles. As one Stephen to another I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the game at BostonFIG Steven! If you have any other questions about the game please let me know!

    • Hey Stephen! Good eye and ear for catching our podcast mention. I got a tantalizing elevator pitch for the game at PAX East, but hearing about the mechanics at Boston FIG convinced me to pick up the book. I was inspired by every page, and it immediately supplanted Dread as my low-prep horror system of choice. I’d been planning to run several Halloween Horror games this October, so it was perfect timing!

      I would have loved to add some pro tips to this podcast: IKEA sells 100 tealight candles for $4, 12 candle holders for $6, and any number of fireproof bowls for cheap. *cue Megan rolling her eyes at my frugality*

      Can’t wait to run the game!

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